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Dr. Adebola Dele-Michael, MD

Manhattan Dermatologist
Tenacious. Innovative. Resourceful. These are just a few words to describe Dr. Adebola Dele-Michael, the highly regarded leading authority in the field of General and Cosmetic Dermatology.
Educational Background

Dr. Dele-Michael is a board-certified dermatologist specializing in General Dermatology, Dermatologic Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology in Manhattan, New York.

She is an Assistant Professor of Dermatology at the prestigious Mount Sinai School of Medicine where she teaches residents and medical students.
In addition to a strong academic and professional background, she has begun on a journey of transforming the world through beauty, skincare, wellness and community advocacy.
As a successful Entrepreneur, Beauty Expert and Speaker, her passion and purpose have led her to create a platform centered on changing the lifestyle of others through optimal wellness.

Dr. Dele-Michael graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Biochemistry from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. She is an inductee of the Phi Beta Kappa National Honors Society. According to Dr. Dele-Michael, “I’m inspired by people who come from nothing and become successful through hard work. I’m inspired by ideas and innovators.” Dr. Dele-Michael is a proven innovator in her field who is seeking to change the narrative in her industry. “The industry lacks relevant and up-to-date education surrounding skin of color….from the marketing, to the ad of the conversation, we need to shift things dramatically,” according to Dr. Dele-Michael.


In 2012, Dr. Dele-Michael made a transformational shift in her life. She opened her first private practice, Radiant Skin Dermatology and Laser, in New York City. Today, she owns three successful offices in Washington Heights, Harlem and Central Park South. Dr. Dele-Michael’s philosophy is simple, “I lead by example and my patients know I take immense pride in what I do,” she says. Recognizing that your skin is unique, and requires a personalized treatment plan, Dr. Dele-Michael and Radiant Skin Dermatology and Laser staff provide expert care for a wide range of skin concerns using her Layered-Approach TM method. This method is aimed at targeting the root cause of dermatologic concerns, the lasting side effects left behind, and restoring healthy radiance to the skin, hair and nails. Dr. Dele-Michael’s expertise in General and Cosmetic Dermatology enables her to offer a comprehensive array of treatments for problems affecting her patients. She has emerged as a leader in the use of lasers and devices to treat skin concerns for both children and adults, achieving results that set her apart and have made her a highly sought-after expert among her peers.

Manhattan Dermatologist

She seeks to educate, empower and enlighten people about the joys of feeling and being their best self. “The skin is a window into what is going on internally. As the largest organ of the body, it is a peek inside your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing,”
Experience & Success

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Dr. Dele-Michael’s newest venture will focus on a her new brand rollout, product launch, community initiatives, her non-profit organization, educational workshops and creating an online lifestyle brand focused on wellness for women. “There are a lot of misconceptions around aging. The truth is the age you start to take care of your skin and body is the age you stay for a long time and it’s never too late to start,” she says. With this type of philosophy, Dr. Dele-Michael will be a powerful force in beauty, health and wellness.
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