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Dr. Rao Kolusu MD, MBI

MD Internal Medicine

Rao is a physician (MD Internal Medicine) with 40 years of private practice experience. Specializes in prevention and maintenance of health by finding the disease origins not merely treating disease process.

Educational Background

Rao is also an informatician (MBI Masters in Biomedical informatics.)

He provides education, selection and optimization of EMRs in clinics and hospitals.

Being a patient advocate, he also helps patients maneuver the health system. In addition, he helps patients to use social media in a way that doesn’t negatively affect their health.

Also promotes population health and personalized medicine. Also follows progress on genome and personalized device use. Rao encourages democratized data as well as patient access to their health data.
Through study of ancient wisdom, Rao provides wisdom hacks for burnout through yoga and meditation by the optimization of body and mind. Also teaches breathing techniques and sleep optimization. Provides integration of yoga routines in daily life. Rao enhances diversity with ancient philosophical insights.


Evaluate your situation and reflect on it in a safe space with me and form a plan to work on the stress. Live the plan you formulated for your self with gentle guidance from me.

Experience & Success


Rao Kolusu provides services from a fusion of Modern Medicine and Ancient Wisdom to help people to overcome the stress and burnout from work and life.
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